Three Potential Virtual Assistant Opportunities and How To Get Them

Three Potential Virtual Assistant Opportunities and How To Get Them

As a virtual assistant you have a choice. You can specialize in a particular task, for example transcription. Or you can provide a variety of services. There are pros and cons to each. Regardless of your approach, in order to make a living you need clients. Here are three potential virtual administrator opportunities and ideas on how to get them.


Transcription is a specialty skill. It’s even more specialized if you have medical or legal transcription skills. If you have this specialty skill you might consider submitting a resume to ideal clients. For example, if you have medical transcription experience submit your resume to a health management company. They likely manage several hundred medical practices and could use your services.

Consider also searching virtual administration job boards. This type of freelance job board will list transcription opportunities. If you have excellent proofreading and editing skills then you offer an additional value.

Finally, don’t forget to network both online and off. Attend meet-up groups. Join your local Small Business Association. Consider looking specifically for people who speak or are active interviewers. They can turn their speeches into print content for their website and customers. You can help them by transcribing.

Blog/Website Management

Most blog or website management is pretty straight forward. The problem is that it can be time consuming. Often a business owner just doesn’t have the time they need to manage their blog or website. This is where your skills can be a valuable service. Membership websites and forums both require a good deal of time. If you’re social, enjoy communicating with others and have the skills to manage a website consider this type of VA opportunity.

To find a blog or website management position consider participating on marketing forums. There you’ll find a number of internet marketers who may need your services. Again networking pays off. You can also search freelance job boards and virtual administration job boards specifically. When you’re searching make sure to check out the “technical” job postings. Many people place website management positions under the technical category.


If you have an eye for detail and a way with words then this VA opportunity is right for you. A proofreader generally looks for spelling and grammar errors. An editor may also offer content suggestions to polish a book, article, or report. If you’re interested in this type of opportunity networking helps as do job boards. However, you may also want to contact writers individually. Many writers and content providers use editors. If you can find a few writers to partner with, you can have a full schedule.

These are just three possibilities. As a virtual administrator you really do have an unlimited variety of opportunities to choose from. To your success!