Helping Your Partner While They Start A Christian Home Based Business

Your beloved husband or wife comes back home coming from one more day at the mill and announces, “I’ve had enough! I’m going into business for myself.” Prior to you begin hoarding food and stashing money in the mattress, stop and pray.

Keep in mind that The almighty is sovereign and that He will provide to suit your needs. This start-up company could be exactly what God has designed for your existence. Give up your will to Jesus and pray. He may offer you a peace that unwinds your worries and relieves your issues. Read More

How to Talk to Your Spouse About Wanting to Start Your Own Business

The past few years have been financially tough for many couples. Lay-offs, down sizing, lowered wages, hiring freezes, raise freezes and the overall downturn in the economy have all been tough, to say the least. Many people have used the economic downturn to reassess where they are in their careers and to look at where they want to be in their futures. For some, the answer has been to go into business for themselves.

As you can imagine, talking with your spouse about wanting to start your own business in this economy may not be the easiest of conversations. Read More