Making Money Online – The Real Short Story

It would be nice to have a job on the side that you could put in a little say every day and at the end of the month, take home a little something extra. Or just be able to work at home from your computer. There are lots of ads on the net you cannot always tell what is real from what is not. There are some real online jobs, a few in data entry, some in paid surveys, (even though most of them are more functional in the US, UK and Canada). There are companies who will pay you to shop (called mystery shopper), writing/blogging, Freelance outsourcers, Affiliate Marketing and others.

To put it point blank; when you sign up to be a member of some of these online job opportunities money will not automatically start flowing into your bank account. Read More

My Personal Mistakes On My Business Ventures Part 2 of 3

I found out that the Candy Business was not for me to the dismay of my partner. I did learn how to package a product and how to design pans to cook the fudge in so it will fit in the packaging etc. So here is a little more knowledge added to my experience with Business. In looking back if I could have done it over I would have pulled in another person experienced in marketing to be a partner with and do all the selling. Point being to stay in your field of expertise and allow others to do what they are good at. Read More