Be a Recruiting Talent Scout – 3 Steps to Finding Your ACE’s

In direct sales you have the opportunity to build the team you want. You can select your team players. Many recruiters make the mistake of mainly recruiting those who are interested. In doing so, recruiters miss those who have never consider doing something like this. The average individual who has not ever pursued a home-based business has no idea what they are missing or how their strengths and skills could be applied to direct sales. Yet we must first gain permission and spark interest in order to share information about our business opportunity. Read More

Farmers Markets: It’s Not All Fruits and Veggies

There is a revolution occurring at farmers markets today. They no longer sell just fruits and vegetables, but honey, butter for the local dairy farmer, Artisan breads, carrot cake, cupcakes, cookies, pies, jams, jellies and pickled okra and bamboo shoots. The unique variety of products available is endless.

If you are interested in selling homemade baked goods or family recipes at your local Farmers Market, stay abreast of food trends by using Goggle Alerts to locate what’s hot and what’s not. Read More