Make R5,000-R6,500 a Week Writing

Make R5,000-R6,500 a Week Writing

Public Relations stories!

Yes, you can make R5,000-R6,000 a week from home. PR is the art of getting free exposure through newspaper articles, radio shows and TV programmes. Swanky agencies charge thousands for doing what you can do cheaper, better and more profitably from home.

1. Every company needs PR but medium-sized businesses are your best clients.

Target clients in your immediate area. It’s easy to get free exposure for local companies from your local newspapers, for instance. Read More

Want To Make Real Money From Home? Tired Of MLM? Read This!

Are you tired of a monotonous life? Ever felt like “I need to quit my job”? Would you love to sit at home and earn the bucks you make on your mundane AM to PM job? Well, the world is filled with opportunities that can help you evade this boredom, and still make more money than what you see on your monthly paycheck.

The internet is one huge domain that hosts several of these golden prospects to earn big money. If you love interacting with people, you may want to try your hands on network marketing and social media marketing. Read More

Avoid A Work at Home Fraud Today

Making a living online is the new trend of today. The most attractive feature of engaging on the said venture is the fact that it requires minimal to no capital. Most also require no form of expenditure whatsoever. Another great advantage is the fact that it can be conducted while remaining in the comfort of one’s own home. This leads to having more time for the family since you no longer need to travel to earn money. Another lead is the fact that you get to experience being your own boss. All this benefits have encouraged many people to the cyberspace market. Read More