Starting a Successful Business With NO Money

Starting a Successful Business With NO Money

How would you like to start your own business with no start-up fees, no franchise fees, no distributor fees and literally begin overnight and start making money the next day?
The most difficult decision in starting your own business…is actually about how much money you have to start it…and is it enough?

Well, how about $0.00 for start up costs? Actually, with preliminary paper and ink costs, it’s realistically about $5.00, but we’ll stretch this small truth to make the point.

And this isn’t a joke. There’s a wave of new businesses popping up all over America (and even Canada) based on a centuries old idea (yet never available to the general public) and you’re probably not going to believe what it, especially in this age of online and high-tech thinking…

…Publishing your own newspaper.

Did you know that you can print 2,500 newspapers for $245.00? Or 5,000 for $349.00? Or 10,000 for $499.00?

You can, and this simply means, for 2,500 newspapers, that if you sell two ads in your newspaper for $125.00, you have actually paid for your newspaper, and the rest is almost pure profit! And, you pay nothing up front until you order your newspaper!

The major daily and weekly is dying on the vine, and everyone knows this. But the “niche” newspaper is thriving, and doing just fine, thank you, and expanding in various ways all over.

It is an interesting fact that in the history of the newspaper, it has never been offered before to the general public, and more specifically in short-run form. It’s true, but companies are now understanding that there are millions of uses to millions of businesses, organizations, church’s, non-profits and even individuals (and even replacing high-cost newsletters), and for the first time this service is now not only available, but in certain cases these companies offer templates, online graphic programs, syndications, stands, direct mailing and a host of other services…including content for your newspaper, too.

Take another example: You want to print an eight page newspaper, which can hold 35 ads easy and still have tons of room for content. The cost of 5,000, eight page, COLOR newspapers (according to ), is $599.00. If you sell your advertising for only $100.00 per ad, your total revenue is $3,500.00. Even with gas and ink and shipping and other small costs (which you do not pay until after you’ve started), you’re clearing over $2,500 per issue. Just upping your ad price to $150.00 each, and your total revenue is $5,250.00!

That’s a living, folks. And if you’re a church or non-profit or small business, that’s a lot of extra income.

And, there is no waiting…print an example of your idea and contracts, and simply walk out the door and start selling ads. The only other thing you need to know is where your newspaper is going to be distributed, but restaurants, medical offices, libraries, grocery stores and retail establishments everywhere are always happy to carry a new, local newspaper…for free.

The internet offers vast amounts of information, but corporations all over have already come to understand that print media is not being replaced, so much as people want specified things to read at home, or over a cup of coffee…things they are interested in. They may not pick up a local paper anymore, but they WILL take home to read at their leisure a newspaper for animal lovers, or rebuilding techniques, or religious values, or neighborhood information, or ceramic tips, or political ideals, and on and on and on.

It’s a fascinating and profitable business model, and different than the infomercials or commercials that want your money ahead of time. With a short-run newspaper you virtually pay nothing up front and start a business, in fields that you yourself hold an interest in as well, become an integral part of your community and live the American dream…as a business owner.

And it cost you nothing up front to do so.