Self Employed Vs A Home Internet Business

Below is a story regarding my experience having a self employed business in Michigan. A home based business is a much better alternative considering the problems you may encounter.

My wife and I just lost our bar/restaurant/wedding hall in Michigan. We struggled to get our little restaurant back on track after a roof collapse took 15 months to repair. Although this was bad luck, the State of Michigan didn’t help matters any when they forced us to have certified people in the kitchen and certified people behind the bar. This of course costs more money. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the non-smoking law past on 05-01-2010 which was the same as turning a light switch off. We dropped 60% and, along with thousands of other bar owners, we simply had to close our doors. Although I have never smoked, the law passed in Michigan was much different from the other States making smoking near a building impossible and customers cannot bring their cocktails outside. Most smokers were simply fed up with such a harsh law and did not support the local taverns anymore.

It’s pretty obvious that my wife and I will not start another business in Michigan; we can’t afford to send more money to our State every year. Thousands of other businesses have also closed their doors so we all have to figure out how to make a living if your self employed or find another way to earn a living.

Michigan will continue to have problems. I’m also a Public Accountant and found out the State has increased it’s sales tax audits against the self-employed in order to try to make up for the losses in the State. I should know because I have four audits going on which involve simple gas stations and mom and pop grocery stores. I’m sure it must be tough trying to figure out who’s still open, let alone how to get more money out of them.

Unfortunately, we can’t go to the State Capital and take company cars away, benefits away, weekly pay checks away from people that continue to make bad decisions. We can step up to the plate and try to correct our lives without complaining and start accomplishing something positive.

We all need to find the right online business to avoid being controlled by all the nonsense.

Here are a list of a few examples of why an internet business is superior to being self employed:

You can operate the business from your home.You do not have to pay employees, taxes, insurance, utilities or rent. You also have no inventory headaches.You can have a 10 hour work week with commissions coming in 24 hours a day.You do not have to have a license or have any other government regulations controlling you.

There are home businesses that educate you to succeed online. You can start earning money in as little as 90 days without employees or someone else controlling your life.

Making money online takes skill and training but there are programs out their just like Universities that can do the job, from people who have already recovered from going down the wrong road. These people are willing to help you to achieve your dreams with training and webinars.

You simply need to know where to turn, and remember, it is not that costly to learn to make money online. You can proceed at any pace and income level you wish. Even if you have very little computer skills, you can still achieve success and win your right to freedom from the continued control we all face in our State.