Making Money Online – The Real Short Story

It would be nice to have a job on the side that you could put in a little say every day and at the end of the month, take home a little something extra. Or just be able to work at home from your computer. There are lots of ads on the net you cannot always tell what is real from what is not. There are some real online jobs, a few in data entry, some in paid surveys, (even though most of them are more functional in the US, UK and Canada). There are companies who will pay you to shop (called mystery shopper), writing/blogging, Freelance outsourcers, Affiliate Marketing and others.

To put it point blank; when you sign up to be a member of some of these online job opportunities money will not automatically start flowing into your bank account. Do not believe the hype. But you can start slow knowing you are not going to get rich over night, this way you will not be disappointed. You can start free, but at some point you will need to invest some money, aside from the time you put in to get yourself set up.
Before you start have a goal in mind.

Pick something out of the online jobs you like and concentrate on it. Try signing up with more than one company. Get familiar with the terms and how things go.
Here are a few companies I have tried out, some of these I am still working on, I am not promising anything, like I said before, take your time ( don’t get bamboozled by the huge amounts of money, not all of them are real). Read what they write carefully; understand what they want you to do. If you are convinced you like it, go ahead.

-Freelancer – Is outsourcing companies which post jobs for employers and contractors and make sure you get paid when you win a bid. Its free to join
-Odesk – is like freelancer, it’s also free to join only some of their policies differ from one another.
-Elance – free to join online job outsourcing company – but paid members get access to more.
-With these, it pays if you are a paid member – meaning there are more benefits.
-Click Bank: You can be an affiliate marketer on click bank.
-Legitonline jobs – Another good option, you just have to pay a onetime membership fee of $ 49.5
-My-Affiliate-Site: You can join for free as a hobby – where you do not make too much money, but if you want to get to pro- as in make money you also have to pay a 1 time membership fee. Once you join you get a referral number and any purchase that is made through your referral link entitles you to a commission. That is how you make money, little by little. Initially you will have to put in some time and effort but once you get set up, it gets easier. So go ahead don’t give up. You can do it.