How To Get Paid For Articles Big Time

There are basically two ways to get paid for articles. One is to write for someone else on contract where they pay you per article, the other is when you write to generate a profit for yourself.

This article is about generating sales with articles. Compared to article marketing, there isn’t very much money to be made selling articles to others.

Article marketing is a well established method of making money online. It is a solid, time tested way to make some serious coin…if you do it right.

Yes, despite all the courses you would have bought that tell you otherwise, it is possible to write lots of articles and not make any money.

The way to make money is to write keyword focused articles related to a product that is a proven seller. If you have a product no one wants or if you can’t reach your potential buyers because you didn’t choose the right keywords, you won’t be making any money.

Most anyone will be able to make some money by distributing keyword focused articles through article directories. It’s a cheap, easy to do method of promotion that works really well.

However, if you want to make the big money you need a bit more of a strategy.

One approach to making lots of money is to write lots of articles. That approach works, no doubt.

Another approach is to write a bunch of articles promoting several niches. This way you get multiple streams of automated income. That sounds good.

But both of the above approaches to making big money with articles involve a lot of work and the conversion rate can be quite low.

You can improve the conversion to sales with better copy in the signature box, a more needs focused article and more targeted distribution online. All of these factors contribute to how much money you make from the same article.

However, none of these methods compares to the power of a “value funnel”.

What’s a value funnel?

It’s a technique taken from a common sales technique called “qualifying”. Every good salesperson “qualifies” a prospect before they actually start the presentation. This way they know what to talk about in their presentation. When done properly, a good salesperson will rarely lose a sale.
Some sales trainers have taken the concept of qualifying a prospect another step and oriented the whole sales process into what they call a “sales funnel”.

A sales funnel is the process of giving and taking information with a prospect until the prospect is able to focus in on the need that the salesperson can solve. If the prospect is clear on what they need and the salesperson has a great way to solve the problem, there is a natural sale. “Closing the sale” becomes effortless and much more rewarding for both the prospect and the salesperson.

In writing articles there is no opportunity to get feedback from the “prospect”. So, instead of a “qualifying” process, a writer has to use a “value funnel”.

A value funnel provides valuable information on a certain topic. At the end of the informative article there is an opportunity to “take the next step” and read the next article that relates to the need addressed in the first article.

As the reader moves from article to article they “qualify” themselves. If they are not a good candidate for the solution offered at the end of the series of articles they will click away and move on to something else. If they are really a potential customer they will click on to the next article.

When they click to read the next, related article they are in a more “committed” state of mind. They are more focused on their need and are looking for a solution.

When the reader is looking for a solution to their problem and they are presented with the opportunity to click on a link that can potentially help them, there is a real opportunity for a sale.

This is a “qualified” buyer.

The way to get paid for articles big time is to write a short series of related articles that lead to the ability to click on an affiliate link. When they click on the affiliate link, they will encounter a sales page that solves the exact problem they wanted to solve.

This is the way to get paid for articles big time. You will get a far higher “conversion to sale” or “closing rate” than any other method because you are addressing the real need of a prospect. First you provide value and help them with a more general (but still a very keyword focused) article. Second you give them more specific information with another article. Either at the second article or on the following page will be the sales letter that is exactly what they wanted.

If you really want to get paid for articles big time, practice providing value to your readers in two or three steps. Practice using the “value funnel” and you will make a lot more money from writing articles than any other method.