Five Ways to Set the Stage For “Six Figure Income” Online Success

People do not build a “successful online business” overnight. Some who try never make it. Why is this? Are the ones that are successful somehow or other smarter or more resourceful than those who end up giving up in frustration? Not necessarily. Many people come all pumped up and enthusiastic to internet marketing only to see their fond “income from home” hopes and dreams disintegrate by degrees in confusion and disillusionment.

But it does not have to be this way. Even before a would-be entrepreneur decides on a business model or course of action, there are at least five key things that he or she must learn in order to be prepared for eventual success in any “legitimate online business”:

1. Remember That Real Success Never Comes Overnight – Sorry to burst your bubble: Anyone who promises financial independence in a month or two (after you unpack their program) is being less than honest with you. Chances are they just wanted to sell you a package. They had no problem telling you what you wanted to hear so that you would opt in and buy off them. But real success is seldom accomplished overnight.Think of your online experience as an adventure and a journey that you will be on for some time. Relax. Settle in. Sit back and do some planning and realistic scheduling of your activities around your present job, family life, etc.

2. Accept that Disappointment Is Part of Success – Have you set up a blog that nobody is reading? Are you supremely pumped about your product, but have no opt-ins much less sales? That’s entirely OK! Why? Because now you know that something is wrong and, by method of elimination, you know what not to do. Make a few mistakes and pretty soon you will have pin-pointed exactly what you should be doing. Fine-tune that, duplicate it, and go on to long-term success.

3. Formulate A Plan To Go With Your Vision – There is a lot of talk about setting an end-vision nowadays. And so you should. Actions are headless without reference to a guiding principle, an objective, something to shoot for. You need a target, an end-state. But don’t forget one thing: A dream becomes reality only through a series of actions. Lots of small steps towards that end vision and you will get there. Small, realistic, manageable steps over time equals eventual success. Consistent progress, reflection, revision, and improvement. The key word in all of this is consistency.

4. Keep Your Eye On the Prize – You will seek helpful information to further your online education. You will click on all kinds of stuff from helpful to downright deceitful. This is unavoidable. Learn to separate the few golden nuggets from the mass of free but misleading information, amazing opportunities that are about to close forever, and the like. Eventually you will want to unsubscribe to most of this stuff. Retain only a few really good sites or authors. Work on the keep-it-simple principle. Keep you thoughts and your email collection simple, uncluttered, and focused. In fact, when you commit to a quality program, and you should commit, unsubscribe to every other marketing ploy, and focus on doing one program well.

5. Be An Active and Teachable Learner – Sure you might be an eminent professor of economics or physics with a doctorate or two, but in this game you are the newbie. Be humble and realistic enough to accept this. If you are fortunate enough to gain an honest and expert mentor, please act upon their advice. They know. They have fallen into the ditch a few times. Why should you fall into the same ditch? Be prepared to reside for a while outside your comfort zone. You want real professional development? Here it is. Just think… one day it may be you who will be the financially successful and expert mentor handing out sage advice to some new kid on the block.

So there they are: Five ways to set your stage for eventual online success. Get into the groove. Get the right mindset. Only then go for the opportunity that will be your vehicle for eventual online success.