Discover The Secret to Online Success

Do any of these hit home? Don’t fear, I know that is easier said than done. You are not alone and the good news, there is a solution.

How do you choose the right home based business? Discover the secret that will make you successful whether you’re working it part time or full time. One that can go with you, even on vacation and will work no matter what part of the world you’re in.

First I want to share with you a short story why I got started in a home based business. Like most people I took a huge hit to my 401k during 911. I’m no spring chicken, I was looking at working till I was 80 or dead. Not a bright future. The year after my dad retired he had a major heart attack and almost died.

That’s when I decided to start looking for a better way. Now I came from Corporate America with absolutely no business skills, zilch! I struggled to make it my first couple of years, in fact I spent more than I earned, until I discovered the secret.

First you need to understand the difference between home based and brick and mortar. Home based is something you can do out of your home, it could be real estate, insurance, brokerage, an online business, etc… brick and mortar is the lumber yard down the road, think of Wal-Mart, Home Depot, your local grocery store, etc…

Reasons for choosing home based over brick and mortar. No employees with a home based business. Low overhead, you need a computer and a phone. Your home becomes a tax right off along with many other everyday expenses.

How do you choose the right home based business?

First; you must decide on whether you going to sell a product or service. Do you want to sell products or do you want to offer a service?

Second; you must believe in what ever you choose. If you choose a company that sells cookware but you think your stove is for folding laundry on, then probably not much belief there.

Third; whether it is product or service based it must have good value for the price. For instance, if you choose to sell electric (which is a service) and your company is charging one dollar per kilowatt hour, but the going rate is twenty five cents per kilowatt hour, probably not a good value.

Fourth; this is the most important and where most fail in business, including me at first! There has to a system that is unique to you. What I mean by unique to you is do you like to sell? Do you like to have home meetings? Do you like to cold call or bother your friends and family?

Most all companies have a system the problem with the system is; it is the same for everyone. Would you agree with me, that not everyone is the same?