3 Simple Ways to Make Money Online and Start Right Now

3 Simple Ways to Make Money Online and Start Right Now

I’ll spare you with a story and get right down to the nitty gritty. You can read all about me on my blog or website.

Affiliate Marketing
ClickBank is an amazing website that if you just want to start out fresh, and not spend a dime, you owe it to yourself to create an account there. Did I mention it’s free. You probably have heard of this before, maybe a thousand times before but never really checked it out. Did you know that you can sign up for FREE (worth repeating), copy little one line codes and put them into your email? That will create a link that has your ID in it that will pay you a commission if they buy the product that was linked to your email. That is so simple and would take about 15 minutes to do if you started right now. By the way, I haven’t seen anyone give this info out anywhere, not sure why but it’s the simplest form to show what an Affiliate Marketer can do and how it works.

Google AdSense
You can literally create a website for free and just pay about $10-20 a year to host it and get a domain name. It doesn’t have to be fancy, in fact, the simpler the better. Look at some of the biggest websites on the web and you will also see that there pretty simple. You can create a free account through Google AdSense and advertise on your website and get paid. You will get paid for everyone that just clicks on those ads. You’ve seen those little ads on the search pages, the little 3 line ads with the highlighted blue headline and link attached. You can put them directly on your very own website or blog.

WordPress is the biggest, and by the way free, blog online. If you like to write, or even if you don’t, you can find something online to write about. Music, Religion, Politics, Movies, anything that your into could be blogged by you, daily. You can use Google AdSense and the ClickBank Marketplace to find exactly the the businesses to promote that will fit with your blog content.

Theses really are simple ways to just get started. When I started out I figured I would just do something, ANYTHING, on a daily basis. You need to stay focused and have the correct mindset and attitude. Stay positive and just remember to consciously do something, even if it’s little, everyday. You WILL NOT make money overnight but you will begin to see the fruits of your labor over time as long as you stay consistent and refuse to quit. The real key to any business and especially internet marketing is consistency…oh yeah, you will need to learn as much as you can as well. Thanks for reading!