Your Gift Basket Business: Adding Value With Printed Labels

One of the competitive edges I have is that I’m able to do any type of labeling. Whether its wine labels, jam labels, labels for bags of cookies or boxes, I have set up the ability to do customization and personalization fast. In our shop, we have three Lexmark printers that I bought off eBay three years ago for 1 cent each (and $5 shipping). They’re lined up each with their own label stock size and when its time to print a quick bag label, photo paper or wine label -we’re ready to go. We have extra color cartridges in stock to alleviate any type of stall in production and each printer is on our network and labeled with the type of label stock the printer is holding. Read More

Business at Home For Everyone

Business at Home For Everyone

Starting a business at home is not for everyone or for every business. Usually businesses tend to be small because the house does not need a lot of people to gather in one location and can even be run individually. The first question must be asked is what kind of business would I start? Business at home is not suitable if you want to start a business that requires a lot of employees who need to constantly collaborate with each other. Read More

Should You Open A Franchise Or Start A Home Based Business? Why Home Business Is A Better Option

Before I got into the home-based business industry I weighed in heavily on the option of opening a franchise. I signed up for newsletters and got daily updates for franchise opportunities that were available. What I found was much like the home business industry, there are many, many opportunities to choose from. I knew it would be tough to decipher the good ones from the bad and spent a lot of time doing so. In the end, I came to the conclusion that none of them would be a good option for me and chose home business instead.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking on franchises. Read More

Home Business Ideas For Men

Home Business Ideas For Men

The worst recession to hit America since the Great Depression started in late 2007 which put tremendous pressure on the economy and left thousands of people unemployed. The economy started to show signs of recovery during 2009 and into 2011; however people around the world felt the impact of the recession, as more countries around the world has gone into recession. Employment growth, household disposable income, household debt-to-income and impaired credit records are all factors that impacts the recovery of the economy. Read More

My Personal Mistakes On My Business Ventures Part 2 of 3

I found out that the Candy Business was not for me to the dismay of my partner. I did learn how to package a product and how to design pans to cook the fudge in so it will fit in the packaging etc. So here is a little more knowledge added to my experience with Business. In looking back if I could have done it over I would have pulled in another person experienced in marketing to be a partner with and do all the selling. Point being to stay in your field of expertise and allow others to do what they are good at. Read More

Ways to Make Money Online – Using ClickBank Programs Maybe Your Way to Earn Money on the Internet

Ways to Make Money Online - Using ClickBank Programs Maybe Your Way to Earn Money on the Internet

Is Learning From Internet Millionaires for You?
There seems to be hundreds if not thousands of internet gurus who claim to be able to unlock the secrets of making you millions of dollars online. But the question remains how do you know who to trust and who will deliver what they promise once you buy the program? The great thing is that many product promoters are using affiliate sites that do a great job of protecting the buyer. Read More

Farmers Markets: It’s Not All Fruits and Veggies

There is a revolution occurring at farmers markets today. They no longer sell just fruits and vegetables, but honey, butter for the local dairy farmer, Artisan breads, carrot cake, cupcakes, cookies, pies, jams, jellies and pickled okra and bamboo shoots. The unique variety of products available is endless.

If you are interested in selling homemade baked goods or family recipes at your local Farmers Market, stay abreast of food trends by using Goggle Alerts to locate what’s hot and what’s not. Read More